Wandering - Experience - Cognition - Awareness

Welcome to the Route with more than 500 km of signposted and well-maintained hiking trails. There are no boundaries between pilgrim and tourist.

Právě připravujeme

Jaké akce spojené s putováními po Cyrilometodějské stezce připravujeme?

Putování ke cti sv. Ludmily po Cyrilometodějské stezce: Velehrad–Tetín

Zájemci o poutnictví již netrpělivě vyhlížejí možnost vydat se z Velehradu na Tetín při příležitosti 1100. výročí úmrtí sv. Ludmily. Začátek pěšího putování s patrony Evropy, sv. Cyrilem a Metodějem, za patronkou Čech, je plánován na 9. června ve velehradské bazilice a ukončení na Národní svatoludmilské pouti na Tetíně 18. září 2021. 
Již teď zveme na třetí 142km dlouhou etapu Sázava – Stará Boleslav – Levý Hradec – Hradčany – Tetín plánovanou na 12 – 18. 9. Akci připravujeme ve spolupráci se spolky Svatá Ludmila 1100 let a Ultreia.

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How does it work?

Passports, commemorative cards, map guides and what to take with you.

Wandering with everything

How to prepare and what to take with you, or how the Cyril and Methodius Route commemorative card works. These are the basic things that everyone has to think about before they leave. That is why we have prepared hints and tips for easier preparation.

Putujme bez hranic - Kostol sv. Margity Antiochijskej

Wandering without borders to history

Discover the authentic stories of the Cyril and Methodius Route, which lead through a number of unique places dating back to the time of the Great Moravian Empire, but also modern history.

Putujme bez hranic - Příroda

Wandering without borders to nature

Head to the forests, meadows and groves where the trail passes. "Turn off" for a moment, clear your head and just go through the beautiful picturesque landscape. Look forward to plenty of scenery that will keep your eyes and mind in amazement.

Putujme bez hranic - putování

Wandering without border for experiences

You will be pleasantly surprised by the strength of your steps, which will walk you, slowly and consistently, meter by meter, up to 500 kilometers. Wandering the Cyril and Methodius Route is an unforgettable experience.

Putujme bez hranic - Tradice

Walking without borders for tradition

You will get to know places you have not visited yet, carrying incredible stories, and you will realize the diversity of the local culture and landscape where we live. Create memories that will stay with you for life.

On foot without borders

A half-length documentary about modern pilgrimage

Was filmed

500 km trails of Cyril and Methodius Route, 60 pilgrims, 5 regions on the Czech-Slovak border, 4 seasons and much more were recorded by 1 film crew led by Petr Hirsch and Eva Toulová in the 52-minute half-length documentary On Foot Without Borders with Tereza Němcová Petrášková in the lead role.

Tips for short trips?

We have tips for short walks in the countryside near the marked trails on Cyril and Methodius Route.

Go to nature

If you are going for walks at this time, we have tips for short trips. Of course, pay attention to the principles of safety - always keep a veil with you, keep a sufficient distance from others and do not associate.


Follow in the footsteps of Cyril and Methodius to Velehrad and discover a trails full of fascinating history and beautiful views of the countryside. You will definitely not be bored while traveling.

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